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Eliminate dependency DLLs in GAC


We have a batch file & exe combination which automatically creates a workspace to our CommonCode folder, gets all the custom check-in policies, and then calls the exe which adds the registry entry for each dll in the folder into the registry.
This works fine with other custom check-in policies, but not for this one. This is because the CCCPPol.dll depends on CCCPLib & NRefactory components and requires them installed in the GAC. Can something be done about this to support the deployment model above?


ChristophWille wrote Nov 29, 2007 at 1:28 PM

Problem is, when the policy is loaded, it won't be able to load assemblies that live next to it in the same folder (at least for VSTS2005 this was the case, and that's why those three assemblies are installed in the GAC).

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